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Mark Nygaard, PGA
About SparkyGolf...

I believe that each player is unique, and that every player has their own style.  As a PGA Professional, I am committed to helping my students become aware of what is working, and what is getting in the way of improvement and overall fun in the game. The longer I have taught this game, the more I have come to understand the importance of a pre-shot routine, a sound stance and foundation, and from there accessing and correcting any swing flaws that impact ball flight. 

Our goal is to have fun while producing a correct repetitive impact position, through communication, analysis, proper practice and training.

Lesson Types & Rates

Lesson Type Lesson Rates
Individual Private Lesson $70.00
Individual Junior Private Lesson (17 & Under) $50.00
"The Commitment" (10 Lesson Package) $700.00
         *Interview process to establish goals, weekly practice/training plan, 8 weeks to accomplish what we set out to do.  This package also brings accountability, as I will be the first to call you out if you are not doing the required practice  
"The Junior Commitment" (10 Lesson Junior Package) $500.00
         *Same as the commitment above  
Group Lessons $40.00 
         *Two to Six people for 60 minutes  


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