National Citizen Survey

  • Sample – 1,500 Randomly Selected Papillion Households (Margin of error: +/- 4%)
  • Conducted by National Research Center
  • Comparable to Hundreds of Other Communities Nationwide

Purpose: Gauge residents’ perspectives of Papillion

Key Findings:

  • 96% of residents rate the overall quality of life in Papillion as excellent or good. 96% also said it is an excellent or good place to live.
  • 92% plan to remain in Papillion for the next 5 years and 97% would recommend living in Papillion to someone who asked.
  • 92% of residents rated overall quality of city services as good or excellent.

Public Safety99% of respondents feel very (86%) safe or somewhat (13%) safe in their neighborhood during the day.

Parks and Recreation93% rate park quality as excellent or good; 80% say recreation programs are excellent or good.

Local Economy88% viewed Papillion’s economic health favorably; 74% viewed overall quality of new development positively.

Raising a Family97% say Papillion is an excellent or good place to raise children.

Public Trust84% rated the City of Papillion’s overall direction as positive; roughly 7 in 10 residents gave positive ratings for the value of services for taxes paid.

Residents Confirm what National Ratings Say about Papillion: A High Overall Quality of Life with Great Economic Opportunity

Challenge to Residents:

The survey found only 36% of residents volunteered and only 26% participated in a club in the past year. 

The City of Papillion challenges residents to learn more about our community’s various civic organizations, join one that is right for them and take opportunities to volunteer their talents and give back to the community. Civic organizations and community service are important components that bond communities together and make residents feel connected and involved. 

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