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In 1993, I began playing full-time on various professional golf tours. For 12 years I traveled many miles, saw some beautiful parts of our world and met many great people. I have been very fortunate to win 34 professional tournaments, record 7 holes-in-one and 1 double eagle. I have competed on the PGA Tour, Nationwide Tour, NGA/Hooters Tour, South American Tour and most every professional golf tour in the USA. I still continue to compete today and I am a member of the Nebraska Section of the PGA.

In 1997, I was introduced to a former PGA Tour player, Tom Anton. A protege of Ben Hogan and Jimmy Demaret, Mr. Anton has coached eight USGA and PGA Tour major champions. Tom is a very close friend and my coach. Tom was also very instrumental in the launching of M.O.R.A.D. with Mac O'Grady for nearly 100 hours in 2013. Mac, in many opinions, is the leading authority on swing mechanics and works with many of the best players in the wold.

In 2005, Dave Stockton Sr. hired me to be his full-time caddy on the Champions Tour. In case you do not know, Mr. Stockton captained the USA Ryder Cup team to victory in 1991 at Kiawah Island, South Carolina. He is still regarded as one of the best putters in the world. I can surely attest to his remarkable putting and short game!
It would be my pleasure to share the great wealth of knowledge I have gained to make golf more enjoyable for you!
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Lesson Type
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Group $95 $270 $475
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$60 n/a n/a
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$75 n/a n/a
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There are no secrets to golf. The "laws of golf" are simply the laws of motion and the geometry of a circle.

Alignment golf overrides position golf. Proper fundamentals (grip-stance-posture) facilitate proper motions.

Many golfers' faults are rooted in their short-game or "basic motion." A proper basic motion is paramount and is the cornerstone in learning golf. When incorrect alignments and procedures are evident in your "basic motion," you can be sure these faults will manifest in your "total motion."

Under my direction, you will experience and understand WHY these alignments and procedures are imperative to better golf. You will learn where power comes from and where it is lost. You will learn FEEL from proper mechanics, not vice versa.

There is no "ONE WAY" to play golf. There is only "YOUR WAY." Let me show you YOUR PATH to lower scores and more fun!
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