Public Works Department logo
When you travel on a city street or take a stroll on the sidewalk, you are benefiting from services provided by the City of Papillion's Public Works Department.

These benefits are an important part of our daily lives, but most of us take them for granted. Public Works range from cleaning, repairing and maintaining city streets and sewers, to supplying the city with drinking water. We also build and maintain public areas, coordinate street restructuring and repairs, and remove graffiti and illegal signs. We regulate street and sidewalk use while enhancing and protecting the public right-of-way. More than 30 dedicated employees work to bring these services to the people of Papillion day and night.


The mission of the Public Works Department is "to provide the people of Papillion a consistent, high level of service in public works and contribute to the vitality of the region while protecting and enhancing the quality of life in Papillion."
Aerial photo of the Papillion Public Works Department