Commercial Permit Activity

This page contains commercial permit activity from the past 90 days. This report will be updated biweekly as new permit activity occurs.

Permit Status

Apartment Pool 1059 W 6th St 11/14/19 In process
Laundromat 802 Tara Plaza, Ste 106 11/4/19 In process
Tenant Finish 9753 S 140th St, Ste  105 11/1/19 In process
Adult Daycare Change of Occupancy 530 E 1st St 10/24/19 In process
Texas Roadhouse Expansion 7302 Olson Dr 10/14/19 In process
High School Renovation and Addition 402 E Centennial Rd 10/14/19 In process
Office Remodel 501 Olson Dr, Ste 210 10/14/19 In process
Baseball Training Facility 9753 S 140th St 10/3/19 In process
Parking Lot Expansion 9751 S 142nd St 9/25/19 In process
Park Bathrooms 114th & Cornhusker Rd 9/23/19 In process
Modify Wall 807 Tara Plaza 9/23/19 In process
Church Remodel 707 Gruenther St 9/17/19 In process
Fricke Field Press Box 510 E Halleck St 9/17/19 In process
NE Hoist & Crane Addition 13973 Valley Ridge Dr 9/10/19 In process
Bank Addition 754 Gold Coast Dr, Ste 101 9/9/19 In process
Sprouting Minds Daycare Lot 10 Granite Falls Commercial 9/5/19 In process
FedEx Tenant Finish 8525 S 71st Place 8/29/19 In process