Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing

In Papillion, Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) is a financing tool to create clean energy projects and energy efficient buildings. Nebraska State Law sections 13-3201 et seq. allow a city to create Clean Energy Districts and define PACE-eligible projects. Papillion City Ordinance No. 1904 created the Papillion Clean Energy Assessment District (“District”), and provides further structure for PACE in Papillion.

The intent of this program is to incentivize the reduction of energy use and water consumption in our community. The City of Papillion views PACE as a tool to encourage developers and property owners to go beyond the requirements of energy and building codes to achieve meaningful energy and water use reduction.

Although State Law allows for commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural use, only commercial and industrial PACE projects are eligible in Papillion's District. Projects including new construction and the rehabilitation of existing buildings are eligible for PACE financing in Papillion's District. 

PACE Program Manual

PACE Application Form

Supporting Documents

2017 LB 625   |   2019 LB 23   |   Ordinance 1904