PGA Junior League

PGA Junior League

A positive sports experience as all about the culture

The philosophy of the Junior Golf League is to introduce the game of golf to juniors aged between 8 and 13, have attended one of our golf clinics, or have had some sort of instruction and are looking to get some course experience. Golfers will learn the fundamentals of the game is a safe, fun and team building environment.  Instruction will be given at a pace intended to maintain the attention of golfers and at the same time be appropriate for each individual's skill level.  Our energetic PGA staff will lead the youngsters through a series of games and exercises that will develop confidence and passion for the game of golf.  Groups will be organized by both age and current skill level.

Participants must be able to walk and play nine holes with limited supervision, as one of our goals is to teach then how to handle themselves on the course without direct parental supervision.

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Cost: $295 covers all instruction, course play, team shirt, and golf towel


(I) = instruction,  (3P) = 3 hole play,  (9P) = 9 hole play
Students must be able to walk and play 9 holes with limited supervision, which means they must be able to look out for each other.
1:00pm - 2:00pm on instruction days
1:00pm - 2:30pm on 3 hole play days
1:00pm - 3:30pm on 9 hole play days

*There will not be any rainouts or make-ups for the 2021 season
June League Dates July League Dates
June 8th (I) July 6th (I)
June 9th (I) July 7th (9P)
June 15th (I) July 13th (I)
June 16th (3P) July 14th (3P)
June 22nd (I) July 20th (I)
June 23rd (3P) July 21st (9P)
June 29th (I)  
June 30th (3P)  
Contact Info: Mark Nygaard, PGA
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