Papillion Firefighter Matt Hyland was recently featured in the Papillion Times.  Read the story to see how his switch from being a Seward Police Officer to Papillion Firefighter has gone.

Hyland swaps uniforms; moves from police station to firehouse





The Papillion Fire Department has completed 6 months of expanded service into the City of La Vista.  Here's some links to the stories explaining how the transition has gone so far.

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Papillion Fire Department takes over operations in La Vista

April 1, 2014

After over a year of planning and hard work, the Papillion Fire Department expanded its services into La Vista at 7 am this morning  The Papillion Fire Department takes over this role from the La Vista Volunteer Fire Department, who served the city for over 50 years.  As the City of La Vista has seen tremendous growth, fire and emergency medical calls have grown. The growth has made it necessary to staff their stations with firefighters 24/7 to keep up with the call load.  To make this change, an additional 12 firefighters were hired and added to the Papillion Fire Department’s ranks.

Four stations with up to 17  personnel will now be staffed 24 hours per day/365 days per year. The 6 personnel on duty in La Vista will be supplemented with on-duty personnel located within Papillion’s 2 fire stations.  Papillion residents will benefit from at least an additional 4 firefighters on-duty per day, along with a lower cost to run the fire department.

Along with acquiring the 2 fire stations in La Vista, apparatus from La Vista will also be brought into the department.  The most noticeable piece will be Engine 4, operating out of Station 4 at 81st and Park View Boulevard.  The truck will still be labeled La Vista Fire Department on the side, but residents will see firefighters wearing Papillion Fire Department uniforms staffing the fire engine.  Firefighters have been training on the Engine and its equipment to make sure that on April 1st, they’re ready to use it.  La Vista and Papillion residents will see trucks labeled from both cities crossing city lines regularly.  Excess equipment from the Papillion Fire Department and former La Vista Volunteer Fire Department will be sold.

Another major change being made is the move of administrative staff to Fire Station 1 in La Vista.  The former Fire Chief of the La Vista Fire Department, Rich Uhl, will join the Papillion Fire Department as the Fire Marshal.  He will be located at Fire Station 3.  

While new to the neighborhood, the Papillion Fire Department is honored to serve the City of La Vista.  Papillion firefighters will be busy moving in and making adjustments to the La Vista fire stations for the first few weeks, but feel free to stop by and meet the firefighters of the Papillion Fire Department.




The Papillion Fire Department has been the focus of many stories lately about its preparation for providing services in La Vista starting April 1st.  Here's the links to a couple of them.

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"File Of Life" in Papillion
File of Life is a new program offered by the City of Papillion Fire Rescue Department. It is designed to bring all your important medical information to the attention of our emergency medical technicians in the case of an emergency.